Our Philosophy.

Before we can begin the journey toward quality leadership, diversity and inclusion, we believe in the importance of understanding a simple truth; we all exist as a small piece of a larger picture. We exist in a web of connections. We understand the choice we face every day between engaging in artful challenge, or hitting our pause button and seeking to understand. With that said, we base our practice on respect and compassion for others, accepting them for who they are rather than who we want them to be.


Our approach is inspired by the tribes in Northern Natal in South Africa. It is there that the spirit of Ubunu lives. When these tribes greet each other, instead of our customary “hello” they say “sawa bona.” This translates to “I see you,” to which another replies “sikhona,” meaning “I am here.” What we take away from the Zulu in Northern Natal is the immense impact we can have on others by simply acknowledging their presence.


At Chisa Marie Consulting, we emphasize the responsibility we have for treating others with dignity and respect. We recognize and celebrate the impact we can have when we are willing to bring each other into existence. Founded on the spirit of Ubuntu, we strive to see the humanness in others, bringing forth the realization we are so much more alike than we are different.