Course Description

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb in his skin and walk around in it.” Atticus Finch


Between things we say and what we do, we make countless decisions without much thought every single day. Many of these decisions are based on biases we don’t even realize we have. Even without intention, these unconscious biases impact the people and places around us. This 90-minute virtual course challenges participants to uncover the micro-inequalities that occur on a daily basis, working to identify where they come from and how they impact culture and connection in the workplace. 


Through the use of visual aids, self-reflection and discussion, this course is designed to deepen participants’ understanding of their own bias and equip them with strategies to bring these biases into their conscious mind, allowing for conscious inclusion. Participants will engage in an experience that celebrates differences, showing how unveiling and debunking unconscious biases can nurture authentic connections and foster a more positive workplace. This course cultivates curiosity for and acceptance of conscious inclusion by encouraging plans of action to aid in the reduction of bias in daily interactions.


By focusing on understanding the implications of unconscious biases, participants will walk away with a new awareness of how and where assumptions show up at work, as well as how these assumptions have the power to hinder the experience and success of others. Participants will gain a new perspective of conscious inclusion as a form of leadership that all members at any level of any team can, and should, partake in. 


Key takeaways from this course include: 

  • Understanding the definition and implications of unconscious bias for ourselves and others 
  • Examining how biases impact (and limit) ourselves and others
  • Exploring the links among diversity, bias and inclusion

Ways to confront unconscious bias to actively increase inclusion in the workplace 


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