Course Description

It takes courage to speak up against complacency and injustice while others remain silent. But that’s what leadership is.” Rosabeth Moss Kanter


Ally Skills is a tool we can all use to advance diversity, equality and inclusion. In light of recent events and tragedies, many people have inquired about how to be an “ally”. The good news? There are many ways you can show up as an ally. This course is designed to dive deep into understanding what an ally is, why they are necessary, and how we can be the best ally for those who are different from us. Participants in this course will walk away understanding you don’t have to be “one of” to “stand with”. 


There is a strong need and desire to generate more inclusivity and belonging in the workplace. This course stems from understanding the importance of investing time to better grasp the diversities we face every day by confronting bias and exploring perspective. The curriculum is designed to promote strong leadership and elicit change by consciously contributing to building a more equitable culture both in and out of the workplace. 


By helping participants understand how to use ally skills to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace, this course works to challenge the status quo, questioning social norms and biases that create barriers to inclusion for certain individuals.  Additionally, the course covers the mistakes that will be made on the road to allyship, providing advice for how to handle them appropriately and continue on. This course is for anyone who strives to understand what allyship is and what an ally does.


Key takeaways from this course include: 

  • What ally skills is
  • What “privilege” means
  • How to effectively be or support an ally 
  • Using allyship to promote diversity and inclusion within your organization
  • How allies can work to address inequalities and challenge social norms 


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